Adding heated flooring to the family room

I recently decided that I wanted to upgrade our family room, however i was sick of the same brown rug, colorless walls and old light fixture.

I took everything out to give it an upgrade.

I painted our walls and funky yellow, got a new bedspread, current ceiling fan and also a new bookshelf! The best was that I ripped up our carpet and put in tile. I figured that while I was redoing the flooring anyway, I should do heated flooring, then adding the electric heated mats before the brick floors wasn’t too hard. It also wasn’t as luxurious as I thought. I choose to do everything through our local Heating and Air Conditioning company too. I could have bought the radiant floors at a hardware store and done our own replacement. I entirely didn’t want to occasion doing it wrong, putting brick over top of it and not having quality heating. The Heating and Air Conditioning corporation didn’t cost too much and did a wonderful task. I now have heated grey tiles under our feet. I just adore that in the middle of the night I can get up to go to the powder room and not be shocked by the cold, and radiant heat also warms all things that touch it, however my bed almost feels adore I have a heated mattress pad now. I noticed that our dog prefers to come into our family room and sleep on the floor now, however she is drawn to the heat. I have been thinking of updating all the floors in the beach house and adding radiant heating. It has been such a game changer.


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