An awkward interaction with my HVAC tech

Just under six months ago, my air conditioner conked out on me, however unfortunately, it was at the beginning of summertime right when the weather was getting extremely hot, then the temperature control started blinking & the digital screen readout said that the filter really needed to be changed! So I changed out the air filters and reset the temperature control however the a/c still didn’t seem to be working how it was supposed to be.

I messed around with the a/c unit for a very long time, however nothing seemed to do the trick.

I didn’t want to accidentally tear up my Heating & A/C unit & so I called our local heating & cooling supplier to make an appointment to have the a/c unit repaired or removed. The day that the Heating & A/C serviceman showed up for the appointment, I was looking and feeling particularly awful. I hadn’t even showered & I was so hot! Since I had no air conditioner in the house, my face was all red & my hair was frizzy & all over the area. Therefore when I opened the door & saw a gorgeous Heating & A/C serviceman sitting there, I was mortified! Oddly enough, this guy seemed to be all ditzy with me from the moment I said hello, however I looked terrible! He came in & fixed my air conditioner unit, changed all of my air filters, & did a bit of service work on my temperature control system for free. Then he asked myself and others out to dinner; For the past several months, we’ve seen each other just about every weekend & he’s recently started acting all goofy. I’m pretty sure that he’s bought an engagement ring. I know my Heating & A/C repairman is in love with me.


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