Fringe Festival



Saturday, June 17: 11am - 4pm - Boston Playwrights’ Theatre 

Sunday, June 18: 5:30-10pm -  Boston Playwrights' Theatre

To sign up for auditions please reserve a time at https://beta.doodle.com/poll/74vecdguuvm7nzcc#table

 *   Provide a recent headshot and performance resume.
 *   Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out an audition from.
 *   Prepare a monologue - (no more than one minute. Does not need to be memorized)
 *   Cold read will be provided

Rehearsals times will vary per director but will occur June 25-July 6, Tech July 7

We are looking for:
 *   men and women
 *   All ages (18+ preferred)
 *   All Ethnicities

Casting Details:

In the aftermath of the presidential election, Emile's only friends in her new city are liberated feminists who have the "insider view" to her life as an "other". Emile's ambiguous look and naturally demure nature results in her background being the topic of discussion and a romantic interest. They mean well. That has to count for something, right? Celebrating intersectionality and living it prove to be two very different things in Sections. Based on 100%  true events.


3 Men

3 Women


Gentle Hands follows the story of Elliot, a young college student, alone in a hospital. While Elliot meets with a Doctor and a Nurse, memories and thoughts are seen and a secret is discovered... a secret that involves Elle, the mysterious girl that keeps showing up, but why do the doctors keep pushing her away? Through the memories, human connections, and the touch of a gentle hand, the life of Elliot and Elle unfolds and the connections are made… can these two stay together? Where did Elle come from? Why is Elliot in this hospital?            



2 Men
2 Women
1 Neutral


Taking inspiration from books, movies, dreams, and memories, "Convergence" is the result of an academic study gone awry. At the corner of anthropology and theatre, "Convergence" reflects upon the creation of performance, aesthetically and beyond, as a human behavior and inescapable need. Set inside a single creative moment in the present, "Convergence" is based on both a lived and imagined past; it is the stories we love; it is the future we hope to embody as we create new work--not just in building worlds onstage, but constructing the identities and relationships we perform throughout our lives. "Convergence" is a case study, a thesis, a manifesto, and most importantly a promise to those who search for truth in art: it's worth it. 



4 Women

3 Men

1 Neutral


Two lovers, Cherry and Buddy, are faced with the inevitable truth that they cannot remain together. Left with only memories of each other, Cherry and Buddy meet only in her dreams. When Buddy stops appearing, Cherry learns that you cannot dream of something forever and that she must move on.

1 Man

1 Woman


If you have any questions please email Furnace at:  furnacefringe@gmail.com




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