Baseball season is here

I am a pretty die hard baseball fan.

And every year I love to go to the games.

But not for the whole season. I usually just go to the baseball games for the first few months. Because when it gets to be deep into the summer it is just too darn hot to sit out there and enjoy a baseball game! I really don’t even understand how the players can even play with no air conditioning system in sight. I guess their bodies must get used to it or something. When that time of the year hits, I sit at home in my top quality central air conditioning system and enjoy the baseball games on the TV! I pay for a subscription on cable that gives me all the local games commercial free as if I was there. The price is close to that of season tickets. However, I can sit in the comfort of my own home indoors and just enjoy my really top quality central air conditioning system while everyone else is out there dying in the heat. I am surprised that they have any baseball goers out there when it is that hot. I don’t get why everyone isn’t like me and just wants to watch the game with pure indoor comfort from their top quality central air conditioning systems. I am the same way when it comes to hockey season too. When it is too cold out, I stay at home and crank the central heating with my season pass on the cable TV. Central heating and air conditioning systems make watching sports so great all year round!

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