Dehumidifiers are the worst

In my honest opinion, dehumidifiers are gross, and I entirely do not like them… The reason that I do not like dehumidifiers is that they are so slimy and nasty. The people I was with and I have a few dehumidifiers in my house. The people I was with and I live in the North, and it doesn’t get undoubtedly sizzling here, however for whatever reason, there is always a lot of moisture in the air, but I don’t like humidity. The moisture in the air never allows you to sweat or to cool yourself down. Thankfully, if you have an air conditioner in your house, you do not usually have to worry about the humidity, our house has a central air conditioner, so the two of us hardly ever have to worry about the moisture in the air, but however, the central air conditioner does not reach my room, so I don’t get a central air conditioner. I am now living in the basement, and there is no way to link my room to the central air conditioner. Honestly, it isn’t a big deal to me. The air is much cooler in the basement, so I never have to stress out about the sizzling hot and cold temperatures. However, the air is undoubtedly moist in the basement, and without the central air conditioner, I have to use another HVAC unit to get the moisture out. That is why I have a dehumidifier in my room. The dehumidifier allows myself and others to be able to get the moisture out, and while I like that function of the dehumidifier, I do not enjoy having to empty it. I wish that the two of us would have gotten a single that didn’t need to be emptied. The concern is that dehumidifiers get gross and slimy without being cleaned often, and I hardly ever remember to scrub the dehumidifier.

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