Getting a winery built went great

For years my wine business has really seen an increase in sales.

I started out just making wine in my parents basement.

It was sort of a pain since I needed a way to get my father’s grapes to the basement and do the whole process there. After I had enough business and money, I decided to build a place right on my dad’s grape fields. At first I looked into purchasing one of those ready to use sheds. The size was too small, it typically didn’t come with electric or HVAC and it was expensive for what you got. I then started talking to general contractors hoping someone could build me a winery for cheap. The building and remodeling team I ended up using was fantastic. The building contractor talked to me once in person about what I wanted inside. I wanted a wide open space with one window, front door, a garage style back door, electric and HVAC. The construction company then got to work. I thought I would be waiting months and need to do another season in my parents basement. The construction business moved so quickly. Everyday I would drive by my winery and be amazed at the progress. They had the whole thing up and functional in under a month. Monday through Friday those men worked their butts off. It was shocking to see how quickly a fully functional building can come together. Now I have a great space where I can make quality wine and store larger materials. It was one of the smartest purchases I have ever made.


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