Getting an air conditioner installed is so expensive!

While I’ve dealt with a/c problems before, it was never to the point where it actually broke down.

Well, there’s a first time for everything, including now my air conditioning unit. Luckily, I knew that I had a HVAC business close by that would hopefully be able to take care of the problem. The HVAC company staff was very nice and accommodating and agreed to send out a HVAC specialist. The HVAC repairman arrived a couple hours later and was surprised when he looked at my air conditioning method. He asked why there was duct tape on the sides of the AC system, and my answer is because duct tape fixes everything. Apparently, my air conditioning was in such bad condition, he would need to completely install a new one! I was okay with a new a/c system, but it was so incredibly expensive. I was surprised at how much it cost. After the work was done, I called my father up to complain about the HVAC unit, and he just laughed and commented that if I took better care of my old one, that it would have lasted much longer. His current cooling system was going on 17 years and going strong. He gave me tips for maintenance and told me if I treated this cooling device right, it will last just as long. I really didn’t want to face this problem again, so I went with my dad’s advice. Starting with regular HVAC maintenance for both heating and cooling, I marked a date and kept the HVAC corporation’s number on my calendar as a reminder. Hopefully I can avoid this problem with proper maintenance.

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