Going for a glamorous master bedroom

For just about every homeowner, the master bedroom is absolutely sacred.

The master bedroom always gets special treatment.

The master bedroom is basically where homeowners can be themselves without having to fret about how it affects the rest of the household’s style. Of course, it’s pressing to keep within your household’s style if you do, but you can create a glamorous bedroom with just about any genre of homestyle. I’m going to walk you through some tips to make that master bedroom a glamorous bedroom that you can call your own. I’m an interior designer that’s been in the business since before you were born- probably. I’ve seen all the styles come and go and I have a pretty good handle on any homestyle from grand European retreat (the style we’ll discuss next week) to the cozy dollhouse (last week’s discussion). Let’s get going with your glamorous bedroom. My first tip to any homeowner attempting to make a glamorous bedroom is to get matching custom bedroom furniture. I don’t care if it’s oak furniture, cherry furniture, natural wood furniture or plastic furniture. Just make sure it actually matches. Second, get some vertical lines (whether paintings, headboards, whatever) behind your bed. It draws the eye and expands the room. Depending on your bedroom size and budget. Be sure to get a few leather chairs (so long as you didn’t choose plastic furniture). A leather chair can be truly inviting. Finally, for that glamorous bedroom, get a rug to go under the bed. What kind of rug? I don’t really know, but it needs to match your color scheme. Adding a rug beneath the bed makes the bed’s placement look more intentional and, once again, draws the eye to the main point of your glamorous bedroom: the bed!


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