Hoping our child with autism has a breakthrough

I have a child with autism & I worry about her all of the time.

It’s difficult enough just to keep her from hurting herself, but I also worry about her future & if she will ever be able to support herself when she is an adult.

My daughter has a difficult time learning current things prefer she doesn’t actually have the desire. She prefers to watch the same film over & over & never wants to see anything new. The people I was with and I care about her to death, but both of us wonder if she will have to live with us until both of us pass away. It’s difficult enough just to keep her from getting into trouble. The other morning she kept opening the HVAC vents & she was playing around with all the dust & dirt inside of there. She even put a bunch of trash into the HVAC duct system prefer it was her own personal garbage area. I have to tell her that things prefer this are not passable even though she doesn’t seem to understand. She also prefers to mess with the thermostat whenever you’re not looking. You actually always just have to keep an eye on her, but she’s pretty sneaky. I remember when both of us were repainting the walls, she got into the paint & was painting the floors & walls with her hands! When both of us first got her a tablet, both of us thought she could play the different math & learning games & she could read books, even though she managed to order her favorite film online! The people I was with and I had to adjust the account so she couldn’t order anything else. She is smart in multiple ways, but there are multiple things she just doesn’t understand. My dream is to eventually have a breakthrough with her so she learns to talk more & be social with us instead of doing the same old things correctly.


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