I can’t find a good HVAC job in my area

I’m actually pretty disappointed, and really, even that doesn’t describe how I feel, crushed would be a better word. When I was still in high school, trying to figure out where I fit in this world, I discussed with some older adults I trust about potential careers, including my teachers and family. We discussed potential careers for me, and narrowed it down to being a HVAC tech. I was really happy with this choice, and even happier when I graduated high school and went to HVAC university. HVAC school was great, I got along with my classmates, and the teachers were great. I then became a certified HVAC specialist, and after that, everything went downhill. After graduating, I immediately started looking for a job as a HVAC professional, and there were 3 places close to me. I applied for all of them, made two of the interviews, and were rejected by both of them. The third place called and told me they had already hired someone else. Other places are further out, and I tried applying for them and so far I haven’t gotten a response. I am really disappointed, because I always heard that HVAC repairmen were in high demand, and it seems like the opposite for me. I just want to get a job already, especially since most of my classmates were successfully hired, and I feel like I am being left behind. I’m going to try a few other HVAC corporations, and hope for the best, because currently, everything has been a huge letdown.



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