I could live without our air conditioner

I could absolutely live without the air conditioner that is in our house.

I have a central air conditioner in our house. I will disclose that it is nice to have a central air conditioner to keep our beach house cool. I work from home on our PC, and the central air conditioner keeps the temperature cool. However, if the day ever comes where I don’t have an air conditioner anymore, I don’t think that I will substitute our central air conditioner. I obtained a beach house with a central air conditioner, however that was because it was the beach house that I wanted to have. I didn’t have an air conditioner before I obtained this house. For most of our adult life, I lived without an air conditioner. I didn’t have anything against air conditioners, but I just didn’t see the need of owning an air conditioner. I figured that they were a waste of electricity. I had lived so long without an air conditioner that I hardly ever thought of it, and since I was used to dealing with the heat without an air conditioner, I hardly even noticed the temperature outside. However, since I have an air conditioner now, I use it. However, our central air conditioner is old, and when it stops laboring finally, I will genuinely leave it alone and not substitute it. I guess that I can live without an air conditioner, and the cost of a modern central air conditioner is outrageous. I would never want to spend money that price for an air conditioner just to have cooling that I don’t even easily need.

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