I dislike his AC preferences

I like our boyfriend, however I dislike his AC preferences… When every one of us first started dating I debated on if his AC needs were a deal breaker or not.

I had to come to the conclusion that I am okay being slightly too frigid our entire life, and every one of us have been together almost more than 2 years, I am still ecstatic to be with him, however the AC is getting on our nerves.

As soon as the weather starts to look a little hot, the AC comes on, however my boyfriend can’t wait to mess with the thermostat as well as have frigid air dumping out of our HVAC duct. It is a giant battle deciding what the thermostat will read; He wants to have the house set at 71 degrees while I would love more of a 70 degree range. Every one of us have agreed on 70 as well as I am just a little cold. Even if it is rainy, windy as well as grey outside, the cooling method stays on. I dislike that in the afternoon I have to wear pants as well as a jacket, however that seems stupid to myself and others when it is summer. If the cooling was only limited to the house, maybe I could handle it. Anytime the more than 2 of us hop in the car, on comes the AC. He refuses to just use the air from outside by cracking a window, nope, every one of us have the AC on high as well as it hits myself and others directly in the face. I think I truly dislike air conditioning system. Most of the time the air quality is super dusty as well as irritates our eyes, nose as well as throat. Even if it is totally clean, I dislike feeling frigid frigid air on me.
a/c worker