I don’t have internet to run my smart thermostat

For years my sister had been bugging myself and others to replace my thermostat. I never gave him a clear reason on why I didn’t want to replace. Now looking back, I should have rather than brush him off. As a birthday gift she got myself and others a smart thermostat. I had to act all enthusiastic plus surprised. I told him that I would have the smart thermostat installed instantly, so here is the snag, I don’t have internet. In order for a smart thermostat to work, it needs Wi-Fi. The thermostat can be run through Wi-Fi with any smart product appreciate a PC, kindle or kindle. You can control the heating, air conditioner, humidity, fan speed plus a whole mess of things right from an app. The beauty of a smart thermostat is hands free plus the convenience of decreasing the Heating plus Air Conditioning settings from anywhere. In theory I should be able to change the A/C to turn on while I am at work. The thermostat could also scan for my presence plus see myself and others home. Then it will turn on. The thermostat should also let myself and others recognize polluted air quality plus air filter swings, but right now my thermostat can’t do anything. It is appreciate a basic dial thermostat that I run by hand. I need to get internet now even though I don’t want it. Without any internet, my thermostat is totally worthless. So my sister’s gift is going to cost myself and others time, effort plus money. I can’t tell him that I don’t want her gift though. I now need to pretend it was a nice thing.

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