I don’t know what they were thinking this time

My Mom plus Dad took a vacation last Wintertime on their own plus they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to visit some of the areas in Europe.

My sweet little mom plus dad waited a long time to take the vacation plus I was glad that they made plans and finally took the leap of faith.

They waited until after my sister plus I were totally done with college plus then they saved enough money to take the trip. While my adorable mom plus dad were on vacation, my mom purchased some furniture. The modern furniture arrived while my mom plus dad were still on vacation. My mom must have ordered the brand new furniture piece on the first day of vacation. My mom told myself and others not to open the huge wooden box, although I was way too curious to keep the items sealed. When I sneakily opened the box plus saw the receipt for the modern pieces of furniture, I knew exactly why my mom plus dad did not want myself and others to check out the box. They spent a fortune to have the furniture shipped to the house. The furniture was easily high-priced, but the cost to ship the items 5000 miles actually was even worse at almost a dollar per mile. The furniture came inside a large wooden crate when it arrived plus I decided to put the screws back in the box. I tried to make it look as though I never opened the item. I did not want them to believe that I opened the box.

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