I had a dream my air conditioner was going to break

Sometimes I feel like my dreams are telling me something.

I’ve had it multiple times where I would dream something, only for it to happen later.

Some say it’s coincidence, others say it’s more divine. I’m not really sure what it is, but it can come in handy sometimes, as long as I learn to listen to it. The one I’ve had most recently was actually with my air conditioner. I had a dream that I went over to my A/C, presumably to turn it on, only for it to not work. Something in my dream told me it was broken, and it was time for a HVAC specialist. I woke up from the dream, and out of curiosity, I went to check on my HVAC component. It was still working just fine. Just to be on the safe side, I decided to go ahead and call a HVAC business anyways, and have them send out a HVAC professional, just for them to check over and make sure it was working correctly. I haven’t had HVAC maintenance in a long time, so it was probably for the best anyways. When the HVAC tech came and looked over my heating and cooling unit, he told me that one of the expensive parts was actually beginning to malfunction, and that it was probably good I called when I did, otherwise it would have broken and I would have to deal with a broken air conditioning unit. He ordered a part for it, and was able to get in a couple of days. By then, my heater and air conditioner was barely working. Thankfully, after the part repair, it worked just fine. My dream probably saved me from an expensive repair bill.

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