I hate dealing with HVAC units as a landlord

As a landlord of a large group of apartments, one of my least favorite things to deal with is HVAC units.

Sure, there are a lot of things that I don’t like about my job.

The person that I work for owns several houses, but they tend to be in poor conditioner. They are a cheaper housing option for the poorer people in our community, and that means that the people that I have the pleasure of dealing with are not always the most trustworthy. Also, the appliances that are in the apartments are usually in poor conditioner. The worst part about these apartments is the HVAC units. Each of the apartments has a window air conditioner in them, and I am happy that they decided not to use a central air conditioner. Fixing the window air conditioners is a lot easier. All that I have to do is throw away the old window air conditioner and purchase a new one. The heating systems in these houses are a completely different story. Each one of the apartments has its own heating system, and the heating system is honestly a glorified space heater. The heater is probably older than I am, and it is very dangerous. Since none of the HVAC technicians will even touch the heating systems, I have to fix them myself. I have tried convincing the owner to pay for the heating systems to be replaced, but he won’t consider it. I probably spend a large part of my week just fixing the heating systems, and it gets exhausting.
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