I hate going to the bank

I really hate going to my bank.

And it isn’t because they are bad or anything like that.

They are actually a great and honest bank, which is rare in today’s world. The reason I hate going to the bank is because they have the most lousy central heating and air conditioning! The heating and air conditioning system in that bank is never pumping out the right amount of air flow. And this results in not only uneven temperatures in the place making it very uncomfortable to be in there more than 5 minutes, but it also makes for pretty bad air quality as well. The air quality in there gets rather stale because of the lack of air flow. Even if they put something similar to a whole home air purification system in there, I do not think that the air quality would even improve because of the really horrible central heating and air conditioning that is in there. I have spoken to a few of the bank tellers there about this and they even agree that it is an issue that needs to be fixed. It is just the fact of the bank investing in a brand new and more up to date central heating and air conditioning system unit. It would need to be a commercial heating and air conditioning unit because of how big the bank is. One of the basic central heating and air conditioning systems would not do the job in this case. I do as much of my banking online as I possibly can because of this factor.

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