I hate his AC preferences

I love my boyfriend, but I hate his AC preferences. When we first started dating I debated on if his AC needs were a deal breaker or not. I had to come to the conclusion that I am okay being slightly too cold my entire life. We have been together almost seven years, I am still happy to be with him, but the AC is getting on my nerves. As soon as the weather starts to look a little hot, the AC comes on. My boyfriend can’t wait to mess with the thermostat and have cold air dumping out of our ductwork. It is a big battle deciding what the thermostat will read. He wants to have the home set at 70 degrees while I would prefer more of a 75 degree range. We have agreed on 72 and I am just a little cold. Even if it is rainy, windy and grey outside, the cooling system stays on. I hate that in the morning I have to wear pants and a jacket. That seems stupid to me when it is summer. If the cooling was only limited to the house, maybe I could handle it. Anytime the two of us hop in the car, on comes the AC. He refuses to just use the air from outside by cracking a window. Nope, we have the AC on high and it hits me directly in the face. I think I actually hate air conditioning. Most of the time the air quality is super dusty and irritates my eyes, nose and throat. Even if it is totally clean, I hate feeling freezing cold air on me.

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