I keep saying that it’s a good idea

I’ve been trying to get my boss to update the little model beach house for the past numerous long weeks.

When the current owner took over, it was the truly first suggestion that I made to him.

The model beach house did not look truly nice plus the furniture we used was cheap plus made from plastic. I told the owner that some more modern changes might make the site look more charming to potential renters, meanwhile our sales continued to decline for weeks plus weeks, but now my boss was finally ready to make some changes as recommended. I am entirely glad that he finally sees things my way, because my daily commissions have been suffering. I make a little extra money every time I rent a beach house successfully plus we’ve been super slow. I was also gleeful to redesign the look plus texture of the apartment. I called a neighbor of mine that is an interior designer plus both of us carefully talked about the apartment. She commanded that cherry furniture or even some natural wood furniture would look sophisticated plus modern. She even carefully pointed myself and others in the direction of a site that rents high-end furniture for situations like this. They had oak, cherry, plus natural wood furniture. They also had a reupholstering repair service on premises that helped us change the headboard to give the master room a much more beautiful look plus modern feel. When both of us were done with the changes, I took several high quality pictures to send to the owner. The guy couldn’t believe that it was a beach house in our property plus he was genuinely glad with the results!

Transitional masterpiece