I never want to own my own house again

I used to own my own home, but now, I am renting, and I am very thankful for being able to rent.

I owned my own home for a long time, and I never liked the responsibilities that came with owning my own house.

Mainly, my biggest troubles had to do with the HVAC units. I had the oldest, most broken-down furnace that I had ever seen in my old house. I didn’t know much about furnaces, and I didn’t have enough money to contact an HVAC technician to have him inspect the furnace when I bought the house. The house was all that I could afford, and I figured that I would deal with the furnace when the time came. Well, my furnace stopped working during the first winter, and that became a never-ending problem. Since I was too poor to be able to afford to call an HVAC technician, I had to fix my furnace by myself, which wasn’t too hard. Honestly, the annoying part about fixing my furnace was that it took a lot of time, and I had to fix my furnace pretty often. Thankfully, I wasn’t dumb enough to purchase a house with a central air conditioner. I wasn’t a huge fan of having an air conditioner anyway, so I only had one window air conditioner in my bedroom. Well, I grew a lot older, and I finally decided to move to the South, and I began renting a house. Now, I never have to worry about my furnace! When my furnace stops working, I call my landlord, and he has an HVAC technician fix my furnace at his expense.


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