I really love quality AC

At the start of this year I decided that enough was enough, then I wasn’t going to let myself take the simple route plus live almost like a piece of garbage anymore.

As for the past numerous years, I have been letting myself slide.

I have not been taking fantastic care of myself mentally or physically, plus the results have been pervasively negative. I think that my mental health is slipping along with my physical health, plus it was finally time to grab the bull by the horns plus make large swings. That’s why I went out plus hired a personal trainer along with a personal nutritionist in January. However since then, I have been really working my butt off trying to get back in shape plus trying to organize everything in my life. One of the most important things that I realized was the critical nature of finding a comfortable venue to get physical exercise. For numerous years, I had a gym membership that I did not use. It seems to be the case that every time I went to the gym, they had some kind of air conditioner failure going on. From the moment I would walk in the door, I would be drenched in sweat plus struggling to breathe through the heat plus humidity trapped indoors; without their AC, it was sweltering. They usually had resting fans blowing plus every corner of the gym, however this ventilation only served to blow nasty moderate air in numerous directions. There was never sufficient cooling or air filtration for the sweaty plus dirty air being created indoors. With all of this low quality indoor air plus physical discomfort, it’s no wonder I had such a problem getting myself to the gym. These days, I splurge on an overpriced gym membership… but I can always count on sufficient air conditioners.


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