I was happy when my best friend finally found his way in life

My best friend was always getting into new things when we were youngsters.

He was always interested in trying new things, but many things didn’t work out for him.

One time when we were young, he thought he wanted to be some kind of swimming champion in The Olympics. Well, it only lasted maybe a week when he decided that swimming was not for him. He hated going under the water and he had a few issues with breathing water into his nose. One time he thought he wanted to go travelling for a living when he was planning a road trip with his family. He realized how much he didn’t enjoy being on the road when he was broken down on the road with his family waiting for roadside assistance. They were lucky because they kept a portable HVAC unit in the car and they were able to keep fairly comfortable. But he still didn’t enjoy the experience very much. I think that portable HVAC unit is what really impressed him. He remembered how nice it was to be saved by having backup climate control no matter where you went. That got him thinking about how important climate control is in general and then he was telling me we should repair old HVAC units. I helped him find old window A/C units and we worked on those. We actually were able to fix them up and sell them to people and we made some money over the years. Eventually he got into a trade school and became an HVAC technician. I was happy for him because he was finally able to find his way.

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