I’m glad when we have AC

If our cooling system works, it is a nice afternoon in my world.

I tell our friends that all of the time, plus they laugh very hard at me.

Whenever someone asks myself and others how our afternoon is going at work, I tell them that it is going well if our cooling system is actually working, however if our cooling system is not working, I tell them that I am having a super rough afternoon. It is so tplot though. I have only the most seasoned window air conditioner equipment in our office, plus it is so temperamental… One random afternoon it works great, plus the next afternoon, it barely does anything for the temp. I have asked our boss for a current cooling system several times, plus I know she regularly promises that she will get myself and others a current 1, but… she does not usually remember or doesn’t follow through. One time, she did come in plus ask myself and others exactly what size cooling system I needed to fit in the small office window, but apparently she proceeded to forget once again that I needed a current cooling system for our sweltering office. I don’t suppose if she will ever remember. I have asked her more than 12 times, plus she has forgotten each plus every time. She definitely does have a lot on her plate, plus I am sure that is why she is forgetting, not ignoring me, however it is frustrating as her employee to have to deal with such a highly temperamental cooling system. I asked her if I could bring our own cooling system into work, but she said no. I wish that she would just let myself and others bring our own cooling system in.

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