I’m just worried about the HVAC

When everybody around the planet started freaking out about this coronavirus, I didn’t make a large deal about it, then from what I could tell, it was just like a flu virus going around and it seemed to me that a lot of people were recovering around the world, at least from the statistics I looked at, way more people died from the actual flu than this coronavirus. Not long after that I saw that it was strenuous to buy simple things like toilet paper, bottled water, and soap because everybody was so spooked by this coronavirus… While everybody was freaking about things like that, I was freaking out about my HVAC system, however I realized that I hadn’t gotten my HVAC unit maintenance in a long time. I didn’t want to be put under quarantine at my home or something and not be able to have my HVAC serviced, so I quickly messaged the HVAC company plus happily, they were able to come out right away in order to get to work on my HVAC. The HVAC tech was able to find a few things that needed his attention and I also started talking to him about the coronavirus, but he said if I was so anxious, it would be a fantastic plan to install a UV media air cleaner. He said the UV light kills harmful bacteria plus viruses plus he said if it was up to him, he would install a UV air purification plan for bonus protection against this coronavirus. I thought that was a relaxing idea, so I went for the upgrade plus before I knew it, I had excellent air quality and protection from harmful bacteria plus viruses. I really hope I don’t end up getting sick or placed under quarantine, however at least I’m grateful that I was able to get all the problems resolved with my HVAC system. Now I just need to get some toilet paper.

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