I’m proud of my husband for working on custom furniture

I have easily noticed a good amount of comments online from people who make comments on furniture store websites that they are no longer interested in the cheap, “some assembly required” furniture that they commonly find in stores these days.

I have noticed a pretty major resurgence in the interest for custom furniture in particular.

I’m not sure who could be looking for custom furniture in this area, but I’m definitely happy to report that my hubby has respectfully opened a brick and mortar (garage) store for his custom furniture. My hubby has created custom furniture his entire life—it’s a family business. Numerous buyers from all over the world have ordered his products and we have made a fairly comfortable life with his lovely handiwork. When his father owned the business, he made the decision to shut down the brick and mortar store so that he would be able to focus more on online sales for the family’s custom furniture. Since he decided to do that, it has been my hubby’s dream to reopen that brick and mortar custom furniture location. I truly believe the online age has come full circle. Not very long ago, data has shown that people are less trustful of companies that do not have a brick and mortar store location. That trend over the last few years was certainly music to my hubby’s ears. We’re not going to just leap in head first, but, we want to make sure that there’s an interest for a brick and mortar custom furniture shop before we choose to open a big storefront. That’s why we’re starting in the disconnected garage/workshop for the moment. So, be sure to come by! Stop in!

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