I’m tired of winter weather affecting my schedule

Sometimes I wish winter didn’t exist.

I guess that’s a little harsh to say, since winter can have its benefits, like snow days.

But most of the time, snow seems to do nothing but get in my way. A good example is I was originally going to take a trip to an animal exhibit, but they ended up closing due to the snow being too heavy. I called my friend and complained about the issue. My friend told me that she loved winter, and that I was looking at it the wrong way. Instead of seeing winter as something that continually gets in the way of my plans, she told me to enjoy some of the moments of winter. Apart from all of the obvious snow angels, snowball fights etc. She told me her favorite activity was to make hot chocolate and have her furnace on and pouring out heat while she watched TV. With the combined heating system, hot chocolate and TV, it allows her time for her mind to relax and feel at ease. She doesn’t like summer much, because she doesn’t get that kind of time. I decided to take her advice and do exactly what she said. So, the next morning I made myself a hot chocolate, turned my heater on and sat down to watch some TV. She was definitely right, I felt right at ease almost instantly, and feeling the hot chocolate and my HVAC component melt away the cold felt incredibly relaxing, I actually ended up dozing on the couch for a little while. Maybe winter might not be so bad at all, if I can get days like today.

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