Learning is power

When our closest neighbor got into the vaping business, he was really excited for the new opportunity.

He had such big ideas for E-juice filling flavors plus wanted to hop on the fun new CBD oil craze immediately; so, he even bought a CBD oil cartridge filling machine right away, as well as his normal E-liquid bottle filling machine.

One afternoon while I was in his vape shop at an odd time of day plus asked him for a behind the scenes tour. He obliged to the request, of course, plus ended up showing myself and others how everything back there worked. I was shocked at how much went into making specific E-juice filling flavors! I also did not realize just how neat the little oil cartridge filling machines really were to operate; these things even print plus stick the label! I mentioned to my buddy off-handedly that he could particularly charge people to come here, right into the back of the shop plus show them how the E-juice filling gets made every day plus how the oil cartridge filling machines work. The next thing I knew, I heard that our neighbor had started charging for tours to check out the brand new vape bottle filling machines plus learn about how the E-juice filling gets made for each customer! The other thing that he did was that he offered daily lessons at the shop on how to use, clean plus improve your oil cartridge filling machines. I really couldn’t understand that people were particularly paying for this! Well, the vaping community is a pretty social one, plus I think everyone went to learn about how the E-juice filling machine really works for more companionship plus camaraderie – just like I had.

E-Liquid Filling Machine