Let your senses be tuned into the HVAC

The longer I own my house, the more I realize how important it is to pay attention to it. The more tuned into what is going on with all of our home’s components, the better everything seems to work. There are plenty of people who just expect all the stuff to simply just work. It doesn’t occur to these homeowners that we play a big part in just how things work in our homes. Like paying attention to the HVAC or the kitchen appliances or the exterior of the home. This is all part of making sure that our home holds up for us. My dad was really good about this and I guess that just sort of rubbed off on me. I can recall how he would tilt his head when he heard something that sounded unusual. That was followed by a visual inspection of whatever caught his attention. This saved him a lot of money as he was able to catch stuff prior to a major breakdown most times. The last few weeks, I have been hearing something out of the ordinary with the HVAC outside. While inside, I couldn’t really hear anything weird and the HVAC felt like it was cycling on and off normally. So, I really kept my eyes and ears open for odd stuff with the HVAC. After a few days, I was doing some yardwork and the HVAC cabinet outside appeared to be vibrating. I stopped what I was doing to inspect more closely. It was almost imperceptible but the HVAC was shaking ever so slightly. I called the HVAC folks and was rewarded by catching a big problem early.


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