Living alone by wanting zone control

A lot of people are surprised I have zone control when I live alone.

Most people think zone control is made for multiple occupants.

Every person can control their own bedroom heating and air. I like having HVAC zone control because I am picky in each room of the house. First, there are rooms that I hardly use or use at certain times of the day. It seems dumb to provide my gym with quality heating and air when I only use it an hour a day. I start work in my office but I am done by three. After that, I don’t even go in that room. I can save money only by providing HVAC to the spaces I need and at the times I want them in. Next, not every room is meant to be the same temperature. I want to have an hour of AC when I work out. I don’t need to waste energy and cool my whole home. I also don’t want to have an icy cold bathroom after a workout. Since I am sitting stationary, when I work in my office I want a little heating. It is nice being able to up and lower the thermostat with no guilt. It costs hardly any money to change the HVAC specifically to what I want it in each room. That is my last point on why I own zone control, energy savings. It makes sense to save energy and money where you can. Zone control has been saving me so much each month that I can’t believe I got along without it.

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