Local stores have sales on air purifiers when autumn demands space heaters

Not all products in stores are available outside of particular seasons and holiday trends.

Many people think that this only applies to candy and decorations, maybe even clothes options depending on seasonal changes and climate changes.

But, in fact, there are hordes of products that are only available in local stores during select times of the year. I wanted a new propane grill last year and had little selection when I was shopping in January. By the time summer rolled around in late May of that same year, I had a huge selection of grills to choose from. With this in mind, many of these same seasonal items go on clearance towards the end of their respective seasons. In the same way that you can find Halloween candy for 50% off during the days following the holiday, this is also applicable to things like grills, space heaters, and air purifiers. If you want to get the best deal on an air purifier, try buying one in September or October when all of the summer items go on sale to make room for the autumn and winter products. Air purifiers aren’t used as often during autumn and winter so the stores are naturally making shelf space for things like space heaters and thick winter comforters. I actually got an air purifier for 40% off last year because I found the last one in the store that had been on clearance for a month total when I found it. It’s not a cheap air cleaner by any stretch of the imagination, featuring both UV light and air ionization modes. There is also an option to change fan speed regardless of what mode you’re running.


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