Lodging choices come down to HVAC method

Materialism isn’t really a thing in our household.

Sure, we have stuff and we have some nice things as well.

But, it’s really more about getting what we need rather than accumulation. Instead, we like to spend out money on adventures and experiences. There is a certain value in living this way that both my wife and I embrace. Our home is small but quite pleasant. We did spend money of a very good HVAC unit. The money we save by not just getting more stuff all the time goes to fund our travels. Over the last 10 years, we have really gotten far more into hitting the road than flying. There are just too many downsides to air travel for us anymore. Even the HVAC comfort is lacking in air travel these days. However traveling by car allows for perfect heating & cooling comfort. That is not the only decision we have made regarding HVAC when it comes to our travels. The HVAC method has quite a bit to do with where we stay while visiting an area. Our choice is the hotels that have the big HVAC wall units you can see from the parking lot. It’s weird but those heating & cooling units have never, ever let us down in any place we have stayed. And really, being uncomfortable in a hotel room is just the worst. First, it’s just uncomfortable and sleeping is a big thing for us. But more than that, I am paying to have pleasant HVAC comfort. So, we stick to this equation as we have found that it is the best plan for us.