Most of our restaurants choose to use industrial chillers

Until I managed to acquire food poisoning last year, I used to really enjoy trying all kinds of new restaurants when we ordered meals together for our lunch hour.

We have a rich history of Asian Americans in our area, so naturally our Asian food is actually one of the highlights of the area.

Whether you are looking for Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Korean food, we honestly might have some of the most wonderful restaurants in the tri-county area. Regardless of whether or not you choose to order carry out or dine inside, they all give you awesome servings for a very little cost. I’m honestly sure these vendors would sell the same food for much cheaper in their home countries, so they make up for the higher market prices in the United States by supplying excellent portions. The Asian American restaurants not only have the most amazing food, however they’re also some of the cleanest & nicest restaurants that I’ve ever witnessed. They have state of the air kitchens with immense gas powered ranges for cooking all types of stir fry. To keep the overheated kitchens from overheating the entire place, immense commercial chillers are used instead of official cooling equipment. Chillers can cool indoor spaces at a much greater efficiency compared to cooling equipment. When you’re creating a huge amount of steam & heat similar to that of a sizable Asian kitchen, you have to use a chiller to regulate the indoor air. These chillers can actually handle larger spaces so they’re basically unmatched compared to other eatery cooling equipment. Industrial HVAC equipment is rated to operate in spaces quite a bit larger than that of an actual house or a little store.

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