My allergies have been really bad this year

My allergies are always annoying, but they have been much worse this year than they normally are.

I don’t know if the pollen count is way up or what, but something is definitely wrong.

I have taken so much allergy medication lately that I’m afraid that my liver might not be able to handle very much more! It’s really starting to get on my nerves, but there’s not really all that much that I can do about it. Well, at least that’s what I was thinking last week when I went to see the allergy doctor. He started talking about giving me allergy shots, but I definitely wasn’t interested in doing that! I hate shots more than just about anything. When the doctor saw how terrified I looked when he started talking about shots, he took pity on me and said that there might be one more thing that might help. He said that I should call our local HVAC company and see what they had to say about the indoor air quality in our house. I had never really thought about the fact that the HVAC company might be able to help me out with the allergy problems that I was having. I called up my local HVAC company whenever I got home from my doctor’s appointment and they said that the first thing they would suggest would be to change our cheap air filters for a higher quality air filter like a HEPA filter. Then he said that we might want to look into putting in a whole home air purification system too. I hope that one of these things will help with my allergies!

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