My job is having a/c problems

I guess the store I work at is going out of business.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, despite the fact that I keep seeing our clients disapapple into other stores, & important maintenance on the store has been going down for awhile now.

It doesn’t even look like my boss is trying. I guess poor for my boss & keep coming to work, even if I might not have a task soon, then recently our air conditioning system had stopped toiling. This wasn’t all too surprising, considering since it was seasoned & has been having problems for weeks. I don’t guess my boss has enough currency to spend on the plan though, especially if we’re not going to be in business much longer. Although I still undoubtedly much love toiling at this store, the heat is start to get to me. I still have to wear my uniform, which is undoubtedly dark in color & long sleeved to make it worse. At least I don’t have to deal with clients that much with this heat. I guess the heat has also been keeping them away as well. I tried making things easier for my boss by opening windows & letting a cooling breeze enter the store while remaining at the currency register & that has undoubtedly helped. A friend of a friend of mine, I knew was in the HVAC business, & I asked for a favor to maybe help option up the store a bit. He gave myself and others a discounted rate & we were able to afford to have the air conditioning system unit fixed. I also started helping my boss advertise to help get the store going again. I hope with all of these efforts, the store can afford to stay open.

heated floors