My mother actually believes there is nothing wrong with her A/C machine

The a/c machine in our mom’s residence is totally not working.

My poor mother doesn’t even realize that her a/c machine is not working the way it should.

Well, I guess she does realize that it is warmer in her residence, but she doesn’t even believe me when I tell her that her a/c machine is not working very well… It is blowing moderate air although she has the temperature control set to seventy one degrees. The air coming out of the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C machine vents in her residence is easily warmer than seventy one degrees. I told her that there was something wrong with her a/c machine, but she stated that it was just because it was so warm outside. It had been that warm for the longest time, however her residence was much cooler before. She really just doesn’t want to confess that her a/c machine could be broken. I don’t understand why she doesn’t wish to confess that her a/c machine is truly not working. She has plenty of money in her savings for emergencies like getting her a/c machine fixed. It would not really faze her financially to get her a/c machine fixed. I honestly tried to explain that she could pull some money out of her savings to get her a/c machine fixed, however there is no point in trying to convince her to get her a/c fixed if she doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with it. I don’t actually know what I am going to do with her. She is too stubborn to listen to me or anyone else. She will have to live without any working a/c machine if she refuses to listen to me.

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