My parents get a senior’s discount with their Heating plus A/C needs

I try to help our elderly parents with as much as I can these mornings.

Although both of them were extremely active through their entire lives, the past 10 or so years haven’t been kind to either 1 of them.

My father had two heart attacks about many years apart, necessitating a triple-bypass surgery on his heart. My mother on the other hand fell plus broke her hip last year. She was bed ridden for a long time plus required familiar physical therapy. It’s great to see her moving a tiny bit with a walker these mornings, despite the fact that she still needs as much assistance as possible. I change light bulbs for them plus take care of other small chores around the house, but recently I started running grocery errands plus going for prescription pickups. I am thankful that many of the companies in our area offer discounts for senior citizens. There is an insurance broker nearby that finds low cost car, home, plus health insurance plans. This can be a lifesaver if you can’t afford to get insurance of any kind. Then both of us found out that a heating plus cooling corporation down the road was offering discounted maintenance contracts to people over 65 years old. They would cover everything from filter changes to coolant refills all for 1 small annual fee. It was such a small amount of currency that I decided to spend money it myself every year. Now I have the peace of mind knowing that their plus oil furnace are being checked plus ran tests on by professionals on a familiar basis. It’s strenuous to beat that kind of service, especially when you add up all of the expenses that you would normally spend money otherwise.

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