Nobody touches the temperature settings in this office

In the office, we don’t see a lot of new hires particularly often.

  • Recently though, there was a new girl who carried herself in a weirder way than everyone else.

It was interesting because she actually walked over to the temperature control and adjusted the a/c. Someone actually had to shout at her, “Hey new girl! What do you believe you are doing with the temperature settings?” She seemed slightly embarrassed so I talked to her. I asked her how she was feeling. That’s when she told me that she just relocated here from up North and she wasn’t used to the temperatures here. She said she felt too hot in the office and she needed some additional a/c. I warned her that the big boss didn’t care for people who messed with the temperature control settings. We didn’t even have a lock on the temperature control because everybody already knew the rules when it came to our temperature control settings. Simply put, everybody is used to the warmer temperatures in this region, and the temperature control is usually set at 75 degrees. It feels just right in this office, so there are usually no complaints. I did feel awful for the new girl though because she would need to get used to the temperature settings we set each day. I suggested that she blast the air conditioning system in her own home when she got home, but if she wanted to keep working here, she needed to get used to the temperature control settings our boss preferred. She thanked me for the suggestion, and she actually listened.
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