Not my favorite boss

These days I am starting to become decreasingly exhausted with the battle between company owners as well as lower-level employees; I think the people I was with and I are all a bit baffled by the fact that the lowest paid workers in the country have been holding life together for all of us in the past few months.

It makes no sense that they are expected to put their lives on the line to make minimum wage.

If anything else, this seems to be some definitive proof that something needs to change in the way the people I was with and I have been doing things. I can tell you, even as an office worker I have been pretty angry with the way that management treats us, then everything down to the air quality is subpar! Most recently, this came to mind because of a sizable commercial air conditioner failure that the people I was with and I had at work. Normally, our sizable production area is temperature controlled by a massive cooling idea on the roof, then the commercial air handling unit weighs more than 2 tons as well as it costs a lot of money to operate the immense A/C unit. I am sure it also costs a lot of money to hire Commercial heating as well as cooling workers to perform routine repair services on the A/C unit. That being said, I don’t think my boss has a leg to rest on when he neglects to take care of the air quality control device. The commercial cooling idea broke down about a month ago as well as he did not want to pay for the professional Heating and A/C repair, then rather than having the A/C idea maintained or substituted, he presented us with a easy A/C window component in the office as well as went back to the comfort of his costly home.


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