Nothing is worse on a hot summer day then your HVAC breaking

We traveled to the south to go hiking and camping for a few weeks. We were looking forward to it since the winter, and planned every detail. We had our boots, tents, food, firewood, and maps all ready to go. We planned on going through the mountains for a few miles each day. Cooling off was going to be a hard task, as it was the hottest summer in decades according to our tour guide. Moving through the mountain with the gear on also heats the body up. We had a few miles to go on our first day and we were going to get to the cabin. We got to the cabin right before dark and were exhausted and drenched in sweat. We started unpacking and got the food out when we went to turn the air conditioning unit on. First few clicks, still we had no luck with turning it on. We figured it was just unplugged or had a loose wire. After all sometimes these cabins lay unattended for seasons at a time or longer. Repairing the HVAC unit wasn’t really in the question as we had no tools. The night fell and we just kept getting hotter and hotter in our 10 by 20 foot cabin. Service technicians or repairmen in the area were miles away at the closest. None of us had worked any air conditioners before, or had any HVAC experience. Heating up, and aggravated, we embraced the night and the heat. “Being in the air conditioning trade was probably a good idea after all huh?” my uncle said. It sounded funny at the time but it was true, repairing a heating and cooling unit wouldn’t be that difficult for being in a case like this and being so worth it! Vacationing can be a real hassle if your heating equipment breaks. Cold nights bundled by the fire, ice freezing the pipes and the campgrounds keeper making repairs can be commonplace.


Heater technician