Pros and cons of moving into a different location

Ever since we have moved to a new location for our church services, we have had some issues.

There were certainly some pros too, but more cons.

This one was a shorter drive, which meant all of us didn’t have to leave as early to get there. But I missed being at a location that required incredibly little set up and take down before and after service. The new location was at a middle school and I really disliked this school already. It was dirty and a lot of immature kids running and screaming around. It also took at least an hour before and after to set up and disinfect everything, which could be exhausting. The thing I disliked the most was how frosty it constantly was inside the auditorium! No matter the temperature outside, I felt appreciate I constantly had to dress in layers. It was not this way when all of us first moved our location. Now it was consistently cold and all the people would keep their coats on for the entire service. I used to see someone messing with the control unit and try and adjust the temperature every week. Now I wondered if that was being done, and until service began, the doors leading outside were kept open, so on colder afternoons, this made it even worse. So not only was this location not that comfortable in general, however the lack of heat that was ever inside made it even worse. I decided to bring it up to some other members and see if they felt the same way and they did, but well after numerous conversations and the fact that our church group was quite small, it became our responsibility each month to adjust the temperature when I arrived. This was a big help and each week, it was just a bit more comfortable.


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