Snow coming this way

I watched on the news, this hurricane coming closer plus closer! For a while, it’s path was unpredictable, plus I kept getting contradicting news on the weather channel… One hour the hurricane wasn’t going to hit, plus the next it was heading straight this way, then even though I wasn’t sure what to expect, I still stocked up on food, bottled water plus survival tools, then as the hurricane approached I knew it was going to hit our area, I decided that our house is sturdy enough so I decided to stay apartment unless emergency evacuation, since the hurricane wasn’t here yet, I wanted to see if I could go plus have both the heating plus cooling systems looked at before the hurricane came, and if the hurricane was going to come, I wanted to make sure that I had enough heating plus cooling for the storm… Granted, I might lose power, but I have a backup generator so I am all prepared.

I called a local HVAC company plus to our disappointment, they were booked! Apparently, I am not the only one who had that idea.

I tried a few other HVAC corporations plus I finally found one who had one more spot left. It was a couple of mornings before the hurricane plus I was going to be busy, but I knew If I didn’t take it, it would be gone, but when Tuesday rolled around, the HVAC specialist looked at both our air conditioner plus heating system plus told myself and others they were in great shape, plus that I was wonderful to go for the hurricane. Although I hoped that the hurricane wasn’t going to be too bad, at least I was prepared.


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