So glad I kept our boiler system

When I moved into our beach house I was disappointed by the boiler system.

I thought the boiler was substantial, ugly and super old.

I wanted to rip it out and get a current fireplace installed in the residing room. I even looked at weird models and imagined how it would tie our room together. I didn’t have the money to do this right away though. I am so thankful I had to wait because now I adore our boiler system. It took a few weeks for me to realize what a wonderful oil furnace it is, first, a boiler system is harshly powerful. My entire beach beach house can be completely heated by the boiler separate from any issue. It also never needs any sort of maintenance or maintenance. A boiler can live from 50-69 years if replacement parts are still made for it. I have never noticed any decrease in heating or odd sounds from the system yet. Another pro of the boiler system is that it is so adjustable, you can use the boiler as a water gas furnace for your beach beach house water. You also can hook it up to be a pool heater. The boiler system can have piping affixed to it and be hydronic heating. You put the pipes within the floorboards and you have radiant floors. You can even do this same system but with your driveway, creating a snowmelt system. I have utilized some of these features because our boiler can do them. I just adore how effective and efficient it is. I also adore that the boiler is in the basement and out of the way.

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