Sometimes I think my dad is the world’s hardest person to buy for

My dad is one of those people who is nearly impossible to buy a gift for.

  • Sometimes I just buy him food and other perishable items because that’s the only thing that I can ever think of that he will actually use and like! He’s really annoying about going and buying everything that he wants and so that makes it super hard for anyone else to get him a present for his birthday or for Christmas.

Last year, he said that he wanted a new coat and I went shopping for him and found the perfect one. Then the week before Christmas he came over to visit and he was wearing a brand new coat, just like the one I had wrapped up for him! It was so annoying! Anyway, this year, I decided to get him something that I couldn’t wrap. Instead of looking for a normal sort of gift, I decided to get him the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through. I enrolled my dad in the heating and cooling maintenance program at his local HVAC company. They offer regular furnace and air conditioning maintenance throughout the year, along with regular air filter changes whenever they are necessary. I knew that this was something that my dad would never in a million years pay for himself. And so this year, when he unwraps his Christmas present, it’s going to be a certificate telling him that his heating and cooling repairs and maintenance are completely covered for the entire next year. I think it’s a great present, and I really hope he likes it.


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