Stargazing is relaxing with good weather

I am someone who loves the pastime of stargazing.

If you are not familiar with what stargazing is, it is when you go outside late at night and just get lost in the stars and pick out where each one is coming from in the universe.

It’s some really deep geeky stuff. But hey, I am a geek of sorts and I will be the first to admit that! But the only way I do this little passtime is if the weather is perfect. And when i mean perfect, I am talking about not just if it is clear or not. I am also talking about the air quality! If the air quality is not good on a certain night, I will just stay at home and run my portable air purification system that I have and wait for the outdoor air quality to be great before I go out to look at the stars again. I got into this little hobby after watching something on TV about a decade or so ago that was talking about all the stars and the universe. It really got me interested in this. It was my own decisions and all that made me make the outdoor air quality be an important factor of the whole experience. The way I see it, is if the outdoor air quality is not that great then I will not have a good time and feel relaxed when stargazing. I even thought about getting a telescope to use at home on those nights where I have to sit home with my portable air purification system.

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