Surviving my first bad breakup

When you have been in a good relationship with somebody for as long as I have and for whatever reason it doesn’t work out, it may or may not be a surprise.

  • For me, it was somewhat surprising.

Like any couple we had our issues, however we got along well for the most part. It wasn’t until afterwards I found out that he had left me for someone else. I don’t try to do it, but I often find myself going through life and being reminded of him with the simplest of things. For instance, just the other day I was on my phone when I started to feel cold. Luckily for me I have a smart thermostat and so I simply opened the app to change the temperature instead of having to get up and change it. When I did so it instantly reminded me of being back in his place. His apartment was always nice and warm. Like a soothing hug. I still remember that even though he had a dial thermostat, he always kept his HVAC temperature at 77 degrees exact. I loved being over there and feeling so warm and happy with him. Getting over him hasn’t been easy so instead I have turned my focus towards other things. I have been focusing mostly on getting my air conditioner serviced. I want to have a heating and cooling technician come out and take a look at it before summer comes. A few years back my A/C broke down during a very hot summer and being with no air conditioning was difficult and hot. In order to avoid it I receive yearly HVAC maintenance.
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