Thankful for my grandpa

My Grandfather tried to teach me how to use a fireplace, however it took a lot longer than he thought that it would, my Grandfather literally couldn’t think that I have never used a fireplace before, however, I have never grown up in a house that had a fireplace, so I guess that I have never thought about the fact that I have never used a fireplace.

I was thinking that it was totally normal that I have never used a fireplace before.

In our house, I have an oil furnace. Furnaces are pretty simple to use. Furnaces don’t require any work on your part, the only thing that you have to do to get an oil furnace running is to adjust the thermostat, plus that is pretty simple. I pray to god that everyone has an oil furnace. However, when I went to our Grandfather’s house, I realized that he did not have an oil furnace. My Grandfather had a fireplace that ran solely on wood. I could not think that he had a wood oil furnace. I have heard of them, although I thought that everyone used oil furnaces; When he asked me to rekindle the fire, I looked at him without comprehension. He could have noticed that I have never used a fireplace before. He decided that I would learn how to use a fireplace, plus he began training me. I realized that using a fireplace took a lot more thought and effort than an oil furnace, plus it was hard. However, I l acquired how to use a fireplace, plus I absolutely l acquired that I like to use a fireplace. There is something about them that seems manly, plus I appreciated the work.


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