The AC needed more freon during the tune-up

An AC machine tune-up should be very thorough.

  • During an AC machine tune-up, all of the mechanical and electrical components of the machine should be checked, tested, and reviewed.

I calibrate the thermostat and I Clean the condenser coils. I get rid of all of the Dust, debris, and dirt that might keep the machine from working properly. I also examine and tighten all of the bolts and electrical connections. When I send a technician to an AC tune-up, they are required to fill out a long check list of items. I don’t want anyone to miss something that is very important. In fact, our AC tune-up checklist includes 70 different areas that need to be investigated. One of the items on the checklist is checking the freon and refrigerant levels inside of the AC machine. This is an important part of the process, because the freon and the refrigerator are responsible for creating the cool air and your air conditioner. I went to perform an AC tune up last week and I told the customer that the machine needed more freon. The customer didn’t realize that the AC machine needed special liquid to cool the air. I spent 15 or 20 minutes trying to explain how the air conditioner works, but the customer didn’t seem very interested in learning about the process. She finally gave up and wrote me a check for the amount of the repair and the refrigerant. I would have continued to teach about the process, but I was really happy to get out of there.

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