The greatest hospital ever

I had been going to get treatments once a week at a major hospital near our home.

This locale was great, not something a man really says about a hospital, but this single hospital has truly taken care of me for quite some time.

I truly enjoyed all my medical professionals and I was confident in the care I was getting. This was not something I had experienced in the past. But with my recent health condition, it was something I truly needed and welcomed. So now these weekly visits were becoming more of a routine. My partner and I would go really early in the morning, walking in with our work PCs and food I had prepared the night for lunch and supper. My wife and I would get seen pretty quickly and settle in for the day. The only bad thing is that the hospital was always freezing. It was regularly so cold no matter what temperature it was outside. I could count on needing layer after layer to stay warm. Luckily, there was also a control unit in each room, but it usually took a pretty long time to really heat anything up, and then I still haven’t found a temperature that made the room truly comfortable. It regularly seemed to be too warm or too cold. So as soon as I got in, luckily, the nurse would offer me a nice hot towel and that was all I needed to warm up. I relied on this each and every time and completely gave up on the actual heat doing anything. Thank goodness for those hot towels the hospital seemed to have an endless supply of, no matter why you visited.