The school was canceled when the furnaces stopped working

Today, we all got to leave school early because the furnaces stopped working.

I have never been happier that the furnaces stopped working.

We are not sure how it happened, but it seemed like almost all of the furnaces in the school stopped working. We have a smaller school, but we still have a lot of furnaces in our building that keep us warm. Our furnaces are very old, but since our school is small, we can’t afford to purchase new furnaces at this point. Today, during a particularly bad storm, we had a huge power surge that wrecked our furnaces. Thankfully, all of the electronic equipment was protected, but the furnaces stopped working. Most of us didn’t notice that the furnaces were not working, and we continued class as usual. However, after about an hour, students began complaining that it was getting cold, and the teacher agreed. When he put his hand over the vent, it was obvious that the furnace wasn’t running. He was about to call the office, but an announcement began that announced that nearly all of the furnaces in the building were broken. Because of this, the buses were going to begin taking all fo the kids home early. We wouldn’t be able to come back to school until all of the furnaces were working again. Since we had so many broken furnaces, we knew that it would take the HVAC technicians a long time to fix the furnaces. We were hoping that school would be canceled for a least a week before the furnaces were fixed.
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