The space heater melted my outlet

The space heater melted my outlet, and I am just glad that I didn’t die because of my space heater.

However, I can not get mad at the space heater or even the company that produced the space heater.

The only reason that I almost burned the house down was that I wasn’t using the space heater properly. When it comes to space heaters, you have to use the space heaters properly in order to ensure that you are safe. I don’t have a working furnace in my house, and I have been using space heaters to keep my house warm until I am able to afford to use a space heater. I am not worried about the pipes freezing because I don’t have the space heaters turned off ever. However, during the evening, I turn most of the space heaters to the lowest setting. The only space heater that I keep turned on during the entire day at the highest setting is the space heater that is in my bedroom. It is hard to sleep when your room is cold, and I have the space heater running in my bedroom to prevent that. The only outlet my bedroom is directly above my head, and that is the one that melted. The space heater had been running all day every day for weeks, and it was too much for the outlet. The outlet melted, and it began sparking over my head. I guess that it is time to finally fix my furnace rather than using my space heater. I don’t want to take my chances again. I might not survive the next accident.
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